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When it comes to online shopping, Amazon and Walmart are two of the most popular choices. But which one is better? A recent study by the Financial Times found that Amazon is actually the better option, when taking into account factors like price, convenience, and customer satisfaction. amazon walmartlee financialtimes

In recent years, Amazon and Walmart have been locked in battle for retail domination. But who is really winning? A new study by the Financial Times shows that Amazon is coming out on top. amazon walmartlee financialtimes

According to the study, Amazon’s online sales grew by 23% last year, while Walmart’s online sales only grew by 3%. This is a huge difference, and it shows that Amazon is quickly pulling ahead in the race to be the top retailer.

In recent years, the two retail giants Amazon and Walmart have been vying for supremacy in the e-commerce world. However, a new report from the financial times shows that Amazon may be pulling ahead in the race. The report found that Amazon’s e-commerce sales grew by 23% in the first quarter of 2018, while Walmart’s only grew by 11%. This is a significant difference, and it seems to suggest that Amazon is winning the battle for online shoppers.

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