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Taboola is a content discovery platform that helps people find interesting articles, videos, and products. The company has been around since 2007 and is headquartered in New York City. Taboola’s content tab features stories from around the web that are tailored to the user’s interests. The company also has a news site, Cohen Adweek, which publishes articles about the latest news in advertising and marketing. content taboola storiescohenadweek

Taboola is a website that allows users to share content with others. Cohen is an author who has written for Adweek. In this article, Cohen shares his experiences with Taboola and how it has helped him connect with his audience. content taboola storiescohenadweek

In an age where content is increasingly king, Taboola Stories is a tool that allows content creators to easily and quickly create beautiful, long-form stories that can be consumed on mobile devices. Cohen notes that Adweek’s target audience is highly engaged with content, and so the addition of Taboola Stories will help to further engage them.

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