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In India, online shopping is majorly dominated by Flipkart. According to a recent report by Singhtechcrunch, Flipkart is now venturing into the healthcare sector with the launch of its new health vertical. The move comes as a part of the company’s efforts to tap into the growing healthcare market in India. flipkart flipkart health singhtechcrunch

With the launch of its health vertical, Flipkart is looking to offer a one-stop shop for all healthcare needs.

Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce company, has been in the news lately for their new venture into the healthcare sector. Singhtechcrunch reports that the company has been working on a platform that will allow users to book doctor’s appointments and order medicines online. This new service is currently in its beta stage and is only available in Bengaluru. However, Flipkart plans to roll out the service to other cities in India in the near future. flipkart flipkart health singhtechcrunch

In India, e-commerce is booming and one of the leading platforms is Flipkart. Recently, Flipkart has ventured into the health sector with the launch of its new initiative, Flipkart Health. The platform will offer a range of health-related services such as online consultation with doctors, booking diagnostic tests and ordering medicines.

Flipkart Health is a welcome addition in a country where access to quality healthcare is often a challenge.

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