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As the world scrambles to find a vaccine for COVID-19, six MEPs have proposed a new digital solution: a blockchain-based platform that would track the virus and help contain its spread. The platform, called USLOMA, would use blockchain to store data on the virus’s movements and mutations, as well as information on patients and vaccinations. six meps covid19 uslomastechcrunch

In early March, six European parliamentarians flew to the U.S. to meet with tech companies about the coronavirus pandemic. The group, which included representatives from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Germany, met with executives from Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. The meetings were meant to discuss how technology could be used to help fight the pandemic. six meps covid19 uslomastechcrunch

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot in order to survive. USLOAM, a tech startup, is one of those businesses. The company has developed a software that helps businesses manage their work-life balance. In response to the pandemic, USLOAM has offered its software for free to six MEPs.

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