The Shopify users will now access Tezos nonfungible tokens with the partnership of Tezos blockchain with Taco

The Shopify users will now access Tezos nonfungible tokens as Tezos blockchain has done a partnership with Taco. Shopify users can access nonfungible tokens, shortly known as NFTs, through Taco’s NFT loyalty program. Shopify, an e-commerce giant, is establishing itself as a growing destination for brands looking for Web3 engagements, and with this feature, it has increased the success race.

With the Taco app, the brands can integrate Web3 solutions, through which they can use NFTs to increase engagement with their customers. E-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, can use this app to offer services like this to their merchants.

Taco is an NFT loyalty program based on which the brands can strengthen their bonds with consumers and boost customer engagement and retention. This integration of Tezos with Taco would help them to use their NFTs as a reward to devoted customers with discounts, special offers, and experiences. 

Moreover, with this integration, Shopify merchants now have a new method to interact with customers and connect to the expanding Tezos NFT community, and they can do this from everywhere.

Shopify is leading the table in integrating Bitcoin and Lightning payments on an e-commerce platform, and for this, it has taken several steps. In June, under its connect-to-consumer initiative, it announced a new reward system called Tokengate that could allow select merchant partners to roll out exclusive goods for NFT stakeholders. 

Tezos blockchain is one of the most prominent blockchains in the world, as it gained a lot of attraction from all over the world over the past year due to its low cost of minting and energy efficiency. It’s high energy efficiency has made it the best platform for NFT integration. At the end of 2021, Ubisoft, a gaming giant, integrated Tezos NFTs for its gaming rewards.

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